Review: Motorola Moto Z Play, Excellence Music Phone

Motorola released the new variant of Motorola Z that is segmented for middle end class. Motorola Moto Z Play is the name it gives. There must be reason why Motorola adds Play to the name of the device. The same with Motorola X Play, this device is aimed for maximum music experience. Roughly saying, this is the Motorola version of Sony Walkman phone. However, is this device really live up to the name and how this can be a prospective device? Check this out.


Spec and Price

When we know that the display of the phone is of 5.5 inch, and thickness almost 7,7 mm, we are a bit confused whether it is a good or a bad thing if it is comes to music phone. With the latest trend of smartphone with wide screen, this is tolerable and making sense.

However, if it is supposed to be music phone, a too wide music player is not what any mobile music player will love since they will have difficulty to put it in their pockets. However, Motorola Moto Z Play does a good job with its compatibility to any additional music device. The 3.5 mm jack headphone is included and there is extra girth that will make user easier to listen to music while charging the phone at the same time.

From the specification, Motorola Moto Z Play is considered an up to date and can be compared with Galaxy S series.

The screen is 1080 HD resolution with 403 pixel and Active Display that can detect user presence. With this advantage, user doesn’t need to lock the phone with the power or lock button.

The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Octacore and 3GB RAM along with 32 GB internal storage, 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.

The Android OS installed is Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. Good thing Motorola doesn’t deviate far from the pure Google stock design and its menu is interactive. Other basic features like GPS, Bluetooth, and sensor are all integrated in this music phone.

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Motorola also collaborate with JBL to create the best experience with expected excellent speaker. They create what is called as SoundBoost that can boost volume up to 7 level higher and clearer sound.

Patched in the back, this is likely the reason why Motorola Moto Z Play is thicker in body.

With these specification, which is neither high end but still win in the mid end class, this device is priced approximately at $408 with carrier contract and $449 unlocked and contact free.

Motorola Moto Z Play Rating
  • Performance4.0
  • Battery4.5
  • Design4.0
  • Features4.0
  • Camera4.0
  • Software4.2
  • Value4.0

The Moto Z Play continues Motorola's impressive run of smartphones with a camera and battery life that can still compete alongside this year's flagships.

4.1Overall Score

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