Review: Bluedio Turbine 2

As Chinese manufactures such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Huawei grows its popularity, they always give many innovations to their products. If you looking for wireless headphones with affordable price, you might falling love with Bluedio Turbine 2. Matched with the current trend of high quality Chinese products Bluedio Turbine 2 might not popular in your country, but in China it’s quite popular.

The Bluedio Turbine 2 has an unconventional design that make it looks unique but also a little awkward. The black tone combined with silver scheme that surrounds the ear cups, joints and its metal frame. The unit can rotate at a 195 degrees and showing a bit of faux metal. On the inside of the leather there are ear pads which covering the driver housing.


Details and Description

The weird sized ear cups of the Bluedio Turbine 2 only partially encompass the ear. It is decently made headphones that offer a good control scheme and it can handle a few drops. Unfortunately, this headset is uncomfortable. Because of its oddly shaped ear cups that don’t fully cover the ear. And it also feels a little plastic and cheap in certain aspects of its design.

It is not rest on the ears as well an on-ear design would make this headphone uncomfortable if you use it for over long listening sessions. Bluedio Turbine 2 headphone deliver an above average control scheme with dense functionality. Music, call, track skipping and volume control is well positioned on the right ear cup where you can control easily.

The headphone can connect flawlessly. The Bluetooth they have is quite versatile and can connect to Macbook, iPad, and Android phones easily. Bluedio Turbine 2 also can connect to all Bluetooth devices so you don’t have to be afraid what brand your device is. You get an AUX cable that you can find in the box which easily connected to the headphone jack. You can sync it up to your PS 4 via Bluetooth or plug it into your controller for gaming.

With the range 10 meters around the source, you can watch an HD movie well on your HDTV. The battery life is good. You can use this gadget over 40 hours for playing music and it took 20 minutes to charge until the battery is full. In conclusion, this headphone from Chinese manufactures is well made considering it has cheap price plus with some discount voucher from amazon, you will get this headphone with best price. Click here to get one!

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