Get The Virtual Reality Experience with HooToo 3D VR Headset

HooToo 3D VR Headset may not as high end as Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift, but it does a good job in an entry level class. HooToo 3D VR is a virtual reality device that is designed to turn your movie and music experience on smartphone in 360 degrees.

The trend of virtual reality begins when Google invented Google Cardboard. If you want to experience virtual reality in your smartphone without having to dig too deeper like the price of Oculus or Samsung but still a decent performance, this device will suit you.


What exactly HooToo offer in its virtual reality device? Check this out.

The device itself is well constructed and nicely built. It is solid but is not too heavy as to make it uncomfortable to wear. The strap is solid and strong it can hold the phone even when the users move frequently.

HooToo 3D VR Headset is also designed to fit to any kind of smartphone. Users can use this device for 4.7 inch up to 6 inch smartphone, which is awesome for a device in its range.

This is probably the reason why many who want low end VR device choose HooToo since it is likely the one that both not so pricey but can be used to almost all smartphone.

HooToo provides two holders that are adjustable two control the strap so as to fit the phone in it.

HooToo 3D VR Headset is also provided with lenses that can be adjusted both with levers and manually. There is the up and down lever in the bottom corner that can control the lenses whether they are to the right or to the left. Another way is too adjust it manually, but then the headset must be off from use.

The lenses position, however, is not as comfortable for those who don’t have vision problem as those who have. The lenses will feel like it is too close to the eyes. The focus is also spread evenly with only the center is the one with the most focused view. However, the lenses are still acceptable for device in its class.

The magnetic trigger is a plus, especially since it works better compared to other devices. However, the strap is probably the culprit of the comfort issue, especially for taller users.

Taller users feel like the headphone is too tight and give them headache since the strap doesn’t extend enough to cover the head even in its maximum length.

Overall, with some pros and cons of the device, HooToo 3D VR Headset is a decent device for a $15.99 only virtual reality device.

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