DJI – Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter: Great Drone for Great Photos

In this recent day, you may have known that there are many things which are developed well. Here, those things come to be more sophisticated caused by the modern technology there. One of the devices that cannot be separated with many activities of people is drone, a flying camera that can be flown using remote control. Then, if you are look for drone, DJI – Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter should be the best choice of you. A good design of the design which allows it can fly a half mile away and another supporting app there make this drone will help you more to take such an aerial photos.


Product Overview

In DJI – Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter, DJI as the manufacturer designs the drone very well. In this case, you are allowed to take a great photo from the sky with this device. Besides it can take the picture from the sky, the latest technology of free DJI Go app in the drone also will provide you such a clear video streaming that can be watched live using the Wi-Fi via your mobile device. Indeed, it makes the drone is different from the common ones. You can create a HD quality video which then be watched in your smart phone only using the special app of DJI Go.


Moreover, for the other features of DJI – Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter is its GPS assisted flight. The function of this technology in the drone is very useful. Here, it will help you much in taking great picture safely because GPS will show you the best camera perspectives. Meanwhile, its powerful flight and its ultimate control of the drone become the next reasons why you are recommended to choose Phantom 3 Standard. The accessories of the drone like battery, charger, propellers, radio controller and micro SD will help you to get such a great drone ever.

Price and Conclusion

Its dimension which is about 15 × 14 × 8.2 inches help the drone to be ideal for you who like to catch every moment using flying camera. Then, by choosing this $468 drone, indeed you have a chance to get the HD pictures and videos. The other supporting technologies in the DJI – Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter help you to find the best level in enjoying aerial photos. For you who want to get it, what you have to do is you just click here.

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