Acer Chromebook 14, Feel Pricey with Reachable Price

In an era where Android smartphone dominate the world, we couldn’t know but see Android everywhere. But the world of PC and notebook is not end yet. If you want to work and need something techy that both compact but still look premium, Acer Chromebook is the answer. Chromebook is Acer notebook series created for middle end class user. The latest Chromebook is Chromebook 14. What is it that is brought by Acer to make this Chromebook special? Let check the description below.

Specification of the device

Acer Chromebook 14 is different than the other Google version of notebook. While other Google versions of notebook often come in smaller display and in plastic only material, this Chromebook is special. This Chromebook is 14 inch wide with two options of type, HD (1,366×768) and full HD resolution (1,920×1,080). The material is of aluminum too, which makes this Chromebook looks premium and pricey. Here is the full specification.

Processor : Intel Celeron quadcore N3160 and dual core N3060.

Graphics : Intel integrated HD Graphics 400

Camera : 720 front facing

RAM and ROM : 8 GB and 32GB eMMC storage card

Performance of the device

Even though the specification is mediocre and it is less than the Windows based notebook, Acer Chromebook does excellent job for working. The transition between applications is good and smooth, the battery may get heated for awhile after heavy use but it is still tolerable. The thin design of the notebook makes this device easy to carry and compact. Not to mention the aluminum material makes it looks premium. However, back again to the fact that it is not a high end device. The device is rather cranky, he keyboard is shallow and feel too light with rather poor precision and without backlight. After long use you may notice some lag and you will need to install antivirus if you don’t want any bugs harm your Chromebook. However, the overall performance is good.

Price and Conclusion

The Acer Chromebook 14 is priced around $299, which is quite cheap considering the premium design. The Chromebook will be a prospective product for those who want a Chromebook with wider screen and still can enjoy the Google version of notebook without having to pay much money. Overall, Acer Chromebook is good for working and the performance is good enough to be used for hours, however, the premium design it has is what sells it.

Acer Chromebook 14 Rating
  • Performance3.5
  • Features4.0
  • Design4.0
  • Battery4.0
  • Price4.5

The Acer Chromebook 14 comes with stylish design and big screen at an affordable price. Its high-resolution display make it stand out among other affordable models, even if other features remain pretty basic.

Only $299 at Amazon
4.0Overall Score

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